The arrival of the bride is always special, but what happens before she arrives? We will capture all the excitement, and the arrival of the guests, so the bride can see everything she has missed.

The ceremony will often go by in a flash. We make sure we capture the happy couple, and the reactions of the guests behind them. Superb quality microphones and radio lapel mics are also used to make sure we capture every word.

That moment when the ring goes on, should always be remembered. We will make sure we capture that moment to treasure forever.

How do we work?

We know that your wedding day is about you, and not the videographer. We have state of the art video cameras and can position ourselves discreetly, so the footage can be captured naturally, without the need to be up close and personal. We start the day filming the venue, capturing footage of how it all looks before you and your guests arrive. We can film bride preparations depending on your package, or the brides first appearance in the movie can be when she arrives looking stunning in her dress.
The ceremony is captured in full, with the use of multiple cameras to ensure we don’t miss anything, and that the reaction of your guests is captured. Your photo sessions are a great opportunity to film relatives and friends all enjoying the day. The wedding breakfast room will always look beautiful, and we make sure this is filmed so you can see how great it looked before anyone takes their seats. The speeches, cake cutting and first dance are a must, and with our Premier Package, we set up an area to film guest messages to round off the end of your movie.


We can attend your venue and set up a live feed to allow your invited “virtual guests” to watch your ceremony as it happens. This inlcludes the survey and setting up of descreet filming equipment on the day. Two high definition professional cameras will be used to capture your ceremony, and these will be broadcast via our dedicated video switcher, so your guests watch you from two different angles. We also use professional lapel microphones to enable great audio to be broadcast with your video feed. We will set up a private viewing room where guests will be invited to click on a link, and that will take them to your wedding.

As well as the live stream, your ceremony will be edited and produced onto a USB flash drive for you to keep forever.

If you are also having a wedding breakfast, we can also be there to film your speeches that will be added to your USB flash drive.


Please note that any streaming is always subject to the service being provided via the 4G & 5G network on the day of the wedding. We use a dedicated hub and booster antenna to maximise reception capability, however a high definition stream cannot be guaranteed.


Premier Package

  • Two Videographers
  • At least two high definition video cameras
  • Bridal Preparation & Groom arrival
  • A full days filming up to the first dance
  • Guest messages
  • Production of a full length movie that will incorporate your ceremony and speeches that will be between 60 and 90 minutes in duration
  • Presentation case incuding Bluray Disk and USB flash drive
  • Highlights to music
  • Blu-ray or USB for both sets of parents in presentation cases
  • Vidipix Images
  • Your Own Page On Our Website With Your Highlight Film & Vidipix Album
  • Drone Videography (Subject to Permissions, Weather, Time & Location)

Showcase Package

  • Two Videographers
  • At least two high definition video cameras
  • Bridal Preparation through to first dance.
  • Production of an extended highlight film approximately 12 minutes duration
  • Fully edited ceremony and speeches
  • Produced on USB in presentation case.
  • Drone Videography (Subject to Permissions, Weather, time & Location)

Premier Package

  • Two Videographers
  • At least two high definition video cameras
  • Bridal Preparation & Groom arrival
  • A full days filming up to the first dance
  • Guest messages (this is very popular and a chance for those close to you to leave a personal message)
  • Production of your wedding film which will include the full service and speeches (approx 60 to 90 minutes long)
  • Video File of your wedding on USB Flash Drive
  • Highlights to music (approx 10min long)
  • Digital photo album
  • Blu-ray disc in presentation case
  • Blu-ray or USB for both sets of parents in presentation cases
  • Vidipix Images
  • Your own dedicated page on our website showing your highlights and Vidipix Album

Price £1995

Showcase Package (Available for 2021 & Winter bookings between November and March)

  • Two Videographers
  • At least two high definition video carmeras
  • Filming from bridal preparation to first dance
  • Fully edited ceremony
  • Fully edited Speeches
  • Extended highlights film to music approximately 12 minutes in duration and set to music.
  • Your movie files will be supplied on USB Flash Drive
  • Your own dedicated page on our website showing your highlights
Price £1800

Travelling Fees

Please note that these prices are applicable to weddings taking place within a 30 mile radius of Southampton and that there will be an additional travelling charge for weddings further afield.

What Are Vidipix?

Vidipix are still images that we produce from our high definition film work during the editing phase of your production. These are not a replacement for professional photography, as they are produced in a different format that can not be enhanced or enlarged in the same way as a professionally produced still image. They do however make great fun shots and superb for sharing. All the images that you see on this website are Vidipix so you can see for yourself how good they are.

Your wedding will be produced on high definition DVD, and you will also receive a copy for each set of parents with the Premier Package. We also supply you with a Blu-Ray, and flash drive containing a video file, ready for viewing on computer or compatible smart TV

Why Should I have My Wedding Filmed?

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to have your wedding filmed, but there are two main reasons that our customers tell us, made up their mind.

You will no doubt be spending a large amount of money on one of the most special days of your life. The day will be over in a flash, and you will have enjoyed every minute of it. However, once the excitement has died down, and you have returned from you honeymoon, what will you have to remember the day? You will have some fantastic photos, and possibly some clips from a “shaky cam” as we like to call them! From our experience, poor quality video is watched once, then never seen again. A professionally produced allows you to re-live the day, and brings everyone back into the room with you.

The second reason really makes a point. This is one day in your life, when you will have your whole family around you, from the youngest to the oldest. It is rare to have an opportunity to capture all of these family members on film, enjoying an important day in the family history.

If you have ever spoken to someone, who has found some moving image of relatives from many years ago, you will have seen the excitement on their face when they tell you about it. Give your future family that piece of family history, to enjoy for many years to come.

Still interested? Give us a call to discuss your wedding.